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May 27, 2011 Directing Traffic May 30, 2011

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Now that I have the new blog figured out on ActiveRain, Realty Matters, its time to start taking care of the first blog.  It would be great if all I had to do was take pictures and blog – but, sadly that isn’t the case!

We are under contract on one house and waiting for a home inspection report, there are negotiations going on with a listing of ours, we are waiting to hear if we will be co-listing a property with an agent from another MLS, getting our ad ready for the Buyers’ Guide and keeping our finger on the threads of leads we are generating.

On the personal front, I scheduled the car for new rotors and front brakes next week, just got done burning a bunch of wood from fallen trees, had to take the chain saw and John Deere to the repair $$$hop so there are tons of grass to cut and more limbs and small trees to chainsaw.  We just picked up the chain saw so we’ll be cutting more wood and burning more fires.

I just got back from showing a house in Savannah and on the way there I saw a brand new horse baby…so cute.  I’ll blog about it tonight and post the new pictures.

In the midst of all that, we are both trying to really watch what we eat – cutting out as much processed sugar and flour as we can eating veggies and proteins mostly.

So, never a dull moment!




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