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May 30, 2011 Memorial Day, A Time for Truth May 30, 2011

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I started a fire this morning from the coals from last night’s fire.  While doing that I started thinking about Memorial Day and what it means to me.

I know what the media wants it to mean and I know what advertisers want it to mean but I don’t think it should mean an unwavering belief that all war is justified and all war-time deaths were necessary.  I really don’t think its a day for celebration and commemorating by rushing out to buy a new car, a new grill or a new summer wardrobe.

War is crap.  Ultimately the flag waving comes out and democracy is heralded but it always starts out as a land grab or a power grab.  And there are always weapons, wounded and death involved.

I abolutely honor the fallen soldiers.  I believe the majority of them served in the name of democracy, decency and fairness.

However, the fallen never start the wars.


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