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About Me, I Guess August 23, 2009

Welcome to my blog, I hope you find it entertaining because I’m having fun writing it.

I’ve been in real estate in North Carolina since 2004. The counties I concentrate on are Jackson, Swain, Macon and Haywood. Most of my past work experience has revolved around both sales and customer service/satisfaction.

Prior to this career in real estate in the mountains of North Carolina, the previous almost 20 years had been spent in co-ownership with my best friend of two different retail operations.

The first one was called Venture Out and was a very popular camping/backpacking outfitting store…the best one in our region. The shop merchandise was mostly technical in nature (play on words unintended…but I like them) so we spent a good deal of time educating ourselves, our staff and our customers about our equipment and our area.

Our second store was called Lighten Up! and was located in Dillsboro in a fabulous building. The merchandise for this store was much different than  Venture Out. We carried a beautiful inventory of rustic and antique furnishings, artwork, home decor and accents plus a complete selection of candles. It was a beautiful store.

It is not new news to tell you that in recent years retail along with other industries has become incredibly challenging, so back in 2003 I answered a classified ad at a real estate company in Dillsboro and started working as an administrative assistant. While I was certainly glad to have the job, after twenty something years of pretty much being my own boss, the environment seemed very confining and stifling with me having very little control over my income. The decision to go to real estate school and get my license came after watching the fifteen plus agents (some highly motivated, others not) collect their commissions and make their livings. There was a defining moment when I thought to myself…”I can do that!”

March 21, 2010 I just re-read the “about me” paragraph and thought I’d add a little more to it. I’ve since left the company I was with when I wrote that paragraph. Hard to believe someplace with so much promise would end so badly for me, but guess I have no control over a New Owner in over their heads. Thankfully, good agents always have other options and we are now with a bright group of agents right on Main St in Sylva. We can’t wait to grow with this company.


2 Responses to “About Me, I Guess”

  1. Mary Anne Roos Says:

    Hey Mona, I am searching for your pix from the EASTER PARADE, but I do not know how to access your latest work. I can’t wait to see all of your pictures. I was impressed with how quickly you were lining up good shots! Thanks for “shooting my family!”
    Happy Easter!
    Mary Anne (Andi’s mom)

    • monagersky Says:

      Good Morning Mary Anne ~~ I appreciate your confidence in my ability to recover from the sunshine during Easter Hat Parade and then the Greening…quickly, but (hear me whine just a little or hear me wine just a little) – Those pics were in the middle of being taken from the camera to the computer when the battery died. Its Easter, so somehow its been resurrected and my task this morning will resume.

      No doubt, I’ll get a call from my mother today — my sole loyal reader of this particular blog–wondering why I’m responding to Andi’s mom before my own! That’s okay, I’ll fill her in.

      I’m tickled you found this blog. Click on this link to see the other (to my mother’s dismay) more frequent blog.

      It was a pleasure to meet your other daughter, son in law and granddaughter yesterday. Talk to you soon!

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