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May 30, 2011 Memorial Day, A Time for Truth May 30, 2011

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I started a fire this morning from the coals from last night’s fire.  While doing that I started thinking about Memorial Day and what it means to me.

I know what the media wants it to mean and I know what advertisers want it to mean but I don’t think it should mean an unwavering belief that all war is justified and all war-time deaths were necessary.  I really don’t think its a day for celebration and commemorating by rushing out to buy a new car, a new grill or a new summer wardrobe.

War is crap.  Ultimately the flag waving comes out and democracy is heralded but it always starts out as a land grab or a power grab.  And there are always weapons, wounded and death involved.

I abolutely honor the fallen soldiers.  I believe the majority of them served in the name of democracy, decency and fairness.

However, the fallen never start the wars.


Aug 26, 2009 Full Yesterday August 26, 2009

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Missed blogging yesterday…life gets in the way. Real estate is like that too. Even if your day is planned out with tasks, even if it looks like you will have time left over, even if you start out being all productive and accomplishing those tasks…all it takes is one impromptu event to throw you off your stride.

So, what do you do? In real estate, you need to prioritize your tasks.  According to one of the instructors at the recent GRI class, take care of your tasks that are considered “closest to the money”. That way if the impromptu event disrupts your day, the important things are still dealt with. Close to the money might mean 1)meeting with a new client, 2)returning calls, 3)showing a house, keeping tabs on current deals or reviewing current listings to “freshen” the approach in marketing.

There is no other choice!


Aug 18 2009 Back At It August 18, 2009

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Being new at blogging has its challenges. I “logged” out for the first time since I started blogging and then couldn’t log back in! I panicked, all of my readers (me) would be starved for my words of wisdom. Ha!

Started walking daily again after finishing up the GRI course. Very early walking and I really like it. My brain needs training in laying out my course for the day. There is an office meeting shortly, then clients will be doing a home inspection on their first home, I’ll try to take in an open house around lunch time, then a really smart guy is meeting with us about ways to maximize the office website, then there is floor duty at which time I’ll return calls and prepare for a couple of appointments tomorrow.

Good thing I was able to log back in and record these important words for posterity!


August 15 2009 Modulars August 15, 2009

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I got a phone call last night from a client thinking they wanted to dismiss one of the homes on their “short list” because they thought it was a manufactured home. Realtors run into this all the time. While I know it isn’t, I’d never really taken the time to delve deep into the subject. I found this link

and found a wealth of information! Other clients (who’ve since become friends) had a wonderful book (real paper) but I’ve lost the title. I’ll get it again though and try to post it here.


August 13 2009 A Real GRI! August 14, 2009

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Finally! A full fledged Graduate of Realtor Institute.  Why have I waited so long to implement the same advice given at pretty much all of the educational forums I’ve taken? The answer is…I don’t have an answer.  But, I do feel like I have a mission to complete now. Wish me luck or wish me fulfillment.