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July 26, 2011 Everything is on Hold July 26, 2011

Made you nervous, didn’t I?  What I mean is everything is on hold while I take a few minutes to dash something off in the WordPress blog.

The past month and a half  have been crazy busy – clients, contracts, dogs, wind storms, trip to Florida and yard work.  Slowly we are returning to a more consistent work schedule.  That is if we can deal with the unreal heat.  The more we have to accomplish, the hotter the weather seems.

Even if we could deal with the weather, the non-representatives in Washington DC have the whole country half paralyzed with stress and fear while they conduct their behind the doors meetings about the debt ceiling.  Do you want to know what I think is happening behind those doors?  Movie night, popcorn, brandy and cigars!  They already know what the decision is – they just prefer the drama of last minute “deals”.

We’re going to have to go to another half page in the Buyers Guide because we keep getting new listings.  In fact, my ActiveRain blog later will be about Print Media and if it is relavent to today’s real estate marketing.

The dogs and cats seem healthy right now, thank goodness – even though we are busy we still don’t have the money or time to deal  with vet’s visits.

We seem healthy right now too although burning the fires over the weekend for me and Leslie did housework in the un air conditioned house pretty well zapped our energy for a few days.

So, I guess I’ll get back to work now and just hope against hope that my most loyal reader catches this new blog and leaves me a sweet comment!  I love you and you know who you are!


June 28, 2011 Never a Dull Moment June 29, 2011

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Mothers can be funny, you know?  I’m juggling like crazy with the contracts we have up in the air, keeping the house in order, generating new business, blogging on ActiveRain, correspondence, you name it and I’m in the middle of doing it.

I get notifications via email when people comment on either blog.  I only have one reader on the WordPress blog and the comments I get are something like…it’s almost the end of the month, this blog has been neglected – so sad, etc.  Guilt trips!!! I’m in my mid 50s and my mother guilt trips me!

Just got done with dinner.  I grilled chicken and of course thought about Dad the whole time.  He was the inspiration for me to learn how to use the grill.  He would have liked the chicken tonight.  I marinated the chicken in a combination of zesty Italian and honey mustard dressing along with soy sauce.  Delicious.

We just got an email from a former client now friend that her mother had fallen back in April and had been bedridden since.  She just passed away on May 31, a few months shy of her 100th! birthday.  Just imagine.

Okay, headed off for a shower and to try and come up with a blog for the other site.


April 5, 2011 On the Road Again April 4, 2011

Good Morning. We had a very successful closing on Friday. It was our first foray into foreclosures. The buyers (now owners) met their neighbors and got some history on the house they bought.  It seems that when the former owners started getting into trouble they tried selling the house themselves. Mistake #1. Then they priced the house at more than $800,000!  Sure it’s on 8 acres, but still.  Even at the height of the real estate bubble, it might have been at best $495,000.

This is a problem when sellers are pricing their homes.  They want the sale of the house to take care of all of their financial woes.  That’s fine as long as their woes don’t exceed the market value of the home.  From now on, we’ve been lucky and haven’t had sellers with those unrealistic expectations.  If we do have someone wishing to list above market value in a ridiculous range, we’ll have to decline the listings.

The museum curater we’ve been working with closes on her house today.  We don’t expect any problems.  The commissions are sure a welcome sight.  A brief sight to be sure, Leslie is writing checks out as fast as she can.  Good news is we are catching up, bad news is we can’t retire!

I’m happy to report that my dad is back home and my mother seems happy about that.  It sounds like his progress is moving forward better at home than at the rehab. What a trooper my mother is.

I walked for the first time in weeks today.  I don’t know what the deal is about not walking regularly.  Sure hope I can commit myself to taking this walk daily.  I know there are tremendous benefits to the way I think, feel, and respond.

Before I forget, the recipe for Chicken with Grapes and Shallots was fabulous.  Here’s a link to the recipe:

Well, off to sieze the day.  Have a wonderful day.


March 19, 2011 Past Time to Blog March 19, 2011

My most loyal reader commented on my blog that I am overdue for a new blog.  She’s right of course.  She’s always been right my whole life!

I’ve been trying out a couple of new sites for blogging.  One is called Active Rain – and it is more real estate specific, the other is called LinkedIn.  Both sites are more comment driven.  The only reason I haven’t notified my most loyal reader about these sites is because I’m still getting familiar with them.  However, that is no excuse not to have kept up with the WordPress blog.

Good news, my father is back home.  Hopefully he will continue to heal quicker being in more familiar and comfortable surroundings.

Its definitely become spring here.  Spring means spring cleaning.  We were possessed by the vacuum cleaner today.  It felt like we were cleaning away months and months of dirt and debris.  Now we are both left sore and whimpering, while we recover.

We’ve been incredibly busy with real estate.  We are getting really good calls in the office from our Buyers Guide ad. Hope this link works for you:

We are working with a couple of new buyers.  They all seem earnest about purchasing and are taking themselves to lenders to get pre-qualified.

I had a letter to the editor in the local paper this week.  The issue is the Great Smoky Mtn RR requesting an obscene amount of tax payer dollars from the county to install a turnaround in Dillsboro.  There have been three weeks of letters so far.  Most against the county contributing to a private enterprise. Leslie helped with the letter, but you know me…claiming the credit!   Again, hope this link works:

Well, time to feed the canines.  Have a great day!


Mar 6, 2011 A Matter of Connecting March 6, 2011

Good Morning.

It is absolutely pouring outside and has been doing so since 10pm last night.  Our forecast is for this to continue through the day and then we can look forward to some light snow tonight.

Real Estate can be fun.  Yesterday, while frustrating with interuptions was…well…frustratingly fun.  The dog agent in the company thought so too.  Our day started with a listing appointment.  The new clients seem like really nice, hardworking people.  They have a doublewide on a pretty lot to sell.  Mr Client even volunteered to place our signs for us.

We’re trying to take a new tack with listings. Since there are so many listings on the market right now, many of them over priced, over cluttered and just plain messy – we’ve decided to be selective about what we list and how we list them.  Sometimes we forget we are the experts. People come to real estate agents for their expertise. So…now we give it.  We are trying to be brutal in a nice way about the pricing.  We also want a lot of personal clutter packed up.  That is kind of awkward to ask of people, but we’ll get over it. And clean – we only want clean listings.  We’ve decided the very worst that will happen is they won’t list with us.  Doesn’t mean we can’t still sell the listing if someone else gets the listing plus we’ll have gained some valuable insight into the motivation of the potential lister.

Listings are expensive, so we must be selective.

After the listers left, we got news that the museum curator’s offer had been accepted.  This is kind of cool because the house she ultimately chose is one that we had listed in 2005.  Now we’ll get busy on her inspections, etc.

We also worked with another new listing.  Interesting to note how much you can learn from all transactions.  We’d had occasion to be involved with a listing held by a Trust.  One of the attorneys in town that we like to have our clients use for closing had brought to our attention that it isn’t sufficient to take at face value when someone says they have signature rights for a Trust.  Now, we ask to see the Trust so that we can be sure all who need to sign are put on the documents.  Much easier to take a little more time up front rather than in the heat of negotiations later.

I spoke with Dad yesterday and he sounds so good. Chipper actually.  Mom and my brother took him to a restaurant for lunch.  It sounds like he is getting strong enough to be taken out in a car.  Mom sounds happy and younger too. I miss them.

Well, let’s see what today brings. Have a good day yourselves.


Feb 25, 2011 All Closed Up February 25, 2011

Well, we had a successful walk through and closing. My day started with an 8am walkthrough of the house in Greens Creek.  Everything looked fine.  The sellers’ agent had called the day before to warn us that the hot tub had been dismantled.  The seller had wanted to surprise the buyer by filling the hot tub for her.  When they did that, the hot tub had a leak. So the seller went ahead and made arrangements for the new part and repair.  That was nice of them.  Then we went to the closing and that went smoothly. 

Then I had a 10:30 appointment with a potential new lister.  I didn’t know what to expect, it was for a doublewide.  Turns out the sellers couldn’t have been nicer and they had a charming house.  We talked about the market and what I thought the property would need to list for.  I’ve offered to prepare a seller’s net sheet for them so they can clearly see what their bottom lines might need to be.

At noon, we had an appointment with the couple who have made an offer on the foreclosed house in Franklin.  We needed to amend the offer and sign the addendum.   We got through that pretty easily and I scanned and emailed the docs back to the listing agent.  Now all we have to do is wait for the seller to sign and return them.  The buyers are ready to go with their inspections.

At 2pm, some former clients came by with the newest member of their family…Daisy, the labradoodle.  The eight month old puppy put Sienna’s nose seriously out of joint.  What a well behaved puppy though. And Sienna will get over it.

Finally, with a few minutes without people – Leslie was able to figure a deposit with our commission check.  Sadly, she informed me they were already committed. Sigh…guess I need to sell another house.

Gas went up 20 cents a gallon today. Ridiculous.

Anyway, back to work!


Feb 24 2011, Foreclosure Foray February 24, 2011

Good Morning. Our clients made an acceptable offer on a foreclosure in Franklin.  We are waiting for signed paperwork.  From other real estate agents, we understand that the paperwork wheel turns slowly in foreclosures.  This should be interesting.

Our colleague who had his commission stolen by a mutual former broker filed his complaint with the North Carolina Real Estate Commission and the North Carolina Bar Association.  He stopped in yesterday for a visit.  He had named us and our circumstances in his complaint.  The REC and BAR contacted us for a written account.  So, we’ve finally submitted our grievances with the right entitities.  Let’s see if these associations really are there to protect the public from people like those two.

Some former clients, now friends, invited us to a birthday party at the end of March for Pat’s mom – 94 year old Gretchen.  We hope we can come up with a good gift for her.

Its raining this morning, very lightly.  We need the moisture.

Our Houston lady’s closing looks like it will go off on time.  We’ll do a walk through at 8am ;-( and the closing is at 9am ;-).  She’s getting a really nice house with an incredible view at a good price.

Our other client is doing some research on a house she really likes in Webster. It’s quirky though.  She is examining the feasibility and expense of changing out a spiral staircase and putting in a standard stair.  We met with an architect and builder Tues evening and are waiting for the estimate.  If its something she can live with, she’ll submit an offer.  If not, we move on to something else.

It sounds like my mom and dad are doing much better in Port Charlotte.  That’s great news. I really miss them.

Have a very good day.