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July 26, 2011 Everything is on Hold July 26, 2011

Made you nervous, didn’t I?  What I mean is everything is on hold while I take a few minutes to dash something off in the WordPress blog.

The past month and a half  have been crazy busy – clients, contracts, dogs, wind storms, trip to Florida and yard work.  Slowly we are returning to a more consistent work schedule.  That is if we can deal with the unreal heat.  The more we have to accomplish, the hotter the weather seems.

Even if we could deal with the weather, the non-representatives in Washington DC have the whole country half paralyzed with stress and fear while they conduct their behind the doors meetings about the debt ceiling.  Do you want to know what I think is happening behind those doors?  Movie night, popcorn, brandy and cigars!  They already know what the decision is – they just prefer the drama of last minute “deals”.

We’re going to have to go to another half page in the Buyers Guide because we keep getting new listings.  In fact, my ActiveRain blog later will be about Print Media and if it is relavent to today’s real estate marketing.

The dogs and cats seem healthy right now, thank goodness – even though we are busy we still don’t have the money or time to deal  with vet’s visits.

We seem healthy right now too although burning the fires over the weekend for me and Leslie did housework in the un air conditioned house pretty well zapped our energy for a few days.

So, I guess I’ll get back to work now and just hope against hope that my most loyal reader catches this new blog and leaves me a sweet comment!  I love you and you know who you are!


April 24, 2011 Easter Morning Walk April 24, 2011

Good Morning, I went for my walk today and when I got back to check email – there was a comment from someone other than my most faithful reader!

It was the mother of our client who just closed on a house with her husband in Franklin.  You remember, the gorgeous house that had been a foreclosure.

Yesterday was a two festival day.  First, the Easter Hat Parade in Dillsboro and the Greening Up The Mountains in Sylva.  Beautiful sunshiny day, hot hot hot. So, I got a little sunburned which should be helpful for my new drivers license photo tomorrow.

I took a ton of pictures in Dillsboro and when we got home last night I started to process them from the camera to the computer.  The combination of taking so many pictures and having the battery on while downloading to the computer just wore the battery out.

So…now that I have two wonderful mothers pushing me to complete a task, I guess I’d better do it!

Have a great day and check my other blog later!


April 5, 2011 On the Road Again April 4, 2011

Good Morning. We had a very successful closing on Friday. It was our first foray into foreclosures. The buyers (now owners) met their neighbors and got some history on the house they bought.  It seems that when the former owners started getting into trouble they tried selling the house themselves. Mistake #1. Then they priced the house at more than $800,000!  Sure it’s on 8 acres, but still.  Even at the height of the real estate bubble, it might have been at best $495,000.

This is a problem when sellers are pricing their homes.  They want the sale of the house to take care of all of their financial woes.  That’s fine as long as their woes don’t exceed the market value of the home.  From now on, we’ve been lucky and haven’t had sellers with those unrealistic expectations.  If we do have someone wishing to list above market value in a ridiculous range, we’ll have to decline the listings.

The museum curater we’ve been working with closes on her house today.  We don’t expect any problems.  The commissions are sure a welcome sight.  A brief sight to be sure, Leslie is writing checks out as fast as she can.  Good news is we are catching up, bad news is we can’t retire!

I’m happy to report that my dad is back home and my mother seems happy about that.  It sounds like his progress is moving forward better at home than at the rehab. What a trooper my mother is.

I walked for the first time in weeks today.  I don’t know what the deal is about not walking regularly.  Sure hope I can commit myself to taking this walk daily.  I know there are tremendous benefits to the way I think, feel, and respond.

Before I forget, the recipe for Chicken with Grapes and Shallots was fabulous.  Here’s a link to the recipe:

Well, off to sieze the day.  Have a wonderful day.


Mar 26, 2011 Coordinating All Blogs March 27, 2011

I showed houses today until 7:30.  That’s later than I usually work, but that’s just the way time happened today.  We went to a surprise birthday lunch at Bogart’s in Waynesville and I couldn’t start showing until 2pm.  I really enjoy working with this particular young couple.

Besides the birthday party, this has been quite a social week for us.   We had dinner at clients’ home on Wed, pasta and ground beef stuff – it was tasty.  Then we went to a birthday party for clients’ 90 year old mother, pasta and ground beef stuff – it was tasty too.  We’ll try to lay off pasta and ground beef stuff for a while now.

Tomorrow, a client has invited us to see a performance of Kiss Me Kate at the Fine and Performing Art Center in Cullowhee.  Before that it is uggggggghhhhhhh time to gather tax stuff.

Our two closings seem to be right on track.  Everything seems to be going really well, except that Leslie has caught some kind of chest cold.  That’s not good at all.

Rainy, rainy, rainy tonight.

Been pretty busy navigating the ActiveRain site.  If you want to see what I’ve been blogging about there, go to and click on search.  Enter my name and all the stuff I’ve blogged should show up.

Could be a big snooze session though, so I’d do it late at night.  ;-}


March 19, 2011 Past Time to Blog March 19, 2011

My most loyal reader commented on my blog that I am overdue for a new blog.  She’s right of course.  She’s always been right my whole life!

I’ve been trying out a couple of new sites for blogging.  One is called Active Rain – and it is more real estate specific, the other is called LinkedIn.  Both sites are more comment driven.  The only reason I haven’t notified my most loyal reader about these sites is because I’m still getting familiar with them.  However, that is no excuse not to have kept up with the WordPress blog.

Good news, my father is back home.  Hopefully he will continue to heal quicker being in more familiar and comfortable surroundings.

Its definitely become spring here.  Spring means spring cleaning.  We were possessed by the vacuum cleaner today.  It felt like we were cleaning away months and months of dirt and debris.  Now we are both left sore and whimpering, while we recover.

We’ve been incredibly busy with real estate.  We are getting really good calls in the office from our Buyers Guide ad. Hope this link works for you:

We are working with a couple of new buyers.  They all seem earnest about purchasing and are taking themselves to lenders to get pre-qualified.

I had a letter to the editor in the local paper this week.  The issue is the Great Smoky Mtn RR requesting an obscene amount of tax payer dollars from the county to install a turnaround in Dillsboro.  There have been three weeks of letters so far.  Most against the county contributing to a private enterprise. Leslie helped with the letter, but you know me…claiming the credit!   Again, hope this link works:

Well, time to feed the canines.  Have a great day!


Mar 7, 2011 Initial Meetings with Sellers March 7, 2011

Great blog and respectful comments this morning on ActiveRain. An agent from Illinois blogged about always wanting his first meeting with sellers to take place at his office.  He never gives a price until he’s hired because like most of us – we’ve worked for free too many times.

I like creating a “give and take” atmosphere with our clients.  An initial visit to the property is important for me.  Its a great time to see the sellers in their own environment and to assess potential marketing or showing issues.  We use this first visit as an opportunity to review the Working With Real Estate Agents brochure. After the tour of the home, we let the sellers know what we will do for them if they sign with us and give an update of the market in general.

At this point, if this is a listing we want to represent and the sellers commit to hire us, we set an appointment to meet at the office in a few days. We commit to have ready for them the CMA, the Seller Net Sheet and the suggestions for making their home more marketable.

This arrangement works well for us.  The sellers appreciate the assessment of the personal visit to the house and then they have an opportunity to see us in our “professional” surroundings.  It lends more credence to proving to them we have a real business dedicated to selling their home and don’t just live on the fly out of our cars.

I did like the blogger’s point of view to not go to a lot of trouble preparing a CMA before meeting the client.  Listing houses is expensive – very expensive.  A thorough CMA can take a couple of hours.  What a shame to go through that exercise before actually seeing (and smelling) the house!

Have a great day!


Mar 6, 2011 Second Blog Today March 6, 2011

Just read a blog on ActiveRain about the things real estate agents shouldn’t say but do…this was my comment:

There are so many….speck houses, does that mean built for speckulation? Motivated seller, duh? Listing agent must accompany. Why?  How about 24 hours notice to show? Again, why?  Remove shoes before showing. Guess we should trust the sellers’ housekeeping skills?, Then there are the agents who couldn’t afford spell check…dinning room (sounds noisy), grate room (all I can say is HUH?), resent appraisal (well, yeah), bare right at the stop sign (the visual, yikes), creek boarders property line, great neighborhood (uh huh), and the well worn…MUST SEE!

A book complete with illustrations of these pearls of wisdom could be a great fundraiser for a local MLS!

Mona Gersky, GRI, ABR – MoonDancer Realty, Dillsboro, NC